12 dec. 2012


It just feels right to start my blog at this right moment, this time, this date. It is actually kinda perfect, don't you think? 12 december 2012. Ah, I am just being a bit sarcastic. I'm bored at this right moment, so I just thought: why not start a blog? I've had that thought many more times these past few years, but I'm really gonna try to keep this one updated. Well, actually I've said that every time I started a blog. But I really REALLY mean it right now. Probably still being sarcastic. I'm just gonna start with the words I always start with: welcome to my blog and I hope you'll like it! Follow me or contact me if you'd like to know more about me and/or my blog!


ps. I'm even starting with the same photo as always. How lame.. but I'm gonna buy my new camera (Canon EOS 650D) this or next week, so I keep you posted!

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