11 jan. 2013


Cardigan - Zara / Top - Mango / Rings - Zinzi / Pearl necklace - Unknown

Here you can see a little something of what I was wearing during Christmas dinner with my grandma. I found the cardigan at the Zara online shop a few months ago, but only in December I decided to buy it. I love the lace on it! There was also a sweater with some glitters and silk underneath it, but it was already sold out when I finally decided to place my order. When I went to the shop to pick up my order and got the sweater out of my head already, I saw the sweater on a shelf. Unfortunately it wasn't in my size anymore, but luckily a new (really big!!) Zara just opened in that city so I went there to maybe find the sweater and yes: they had it in my size! I was the happiest girl on the planet that day, although I still had to make an exam that afternoon haha! (but that exam went very well, fiy)

They had the cardigan in two colors, as you can see below. Since I've got lots of cream-colored clothes in my wardrobe, I decided to buy that one so I can combine it very easily and with lots of clothes. I had a moment where I wanted to buy both of them, but my bank account didn't allow that, cry cry.

What do you think: should I post more (whole) outfits? Let me know!

Love, Tamara

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