20 jan. 2013


Last week I decided to go for a road trip and make some photographs of the white landscape. I actually thought it would thaw the next day, but it's still all white - and it'll probably stay white because there are more snowstorms to come, lucky us. 
I went to the woods in our village (what you can call woods - there's more meadow then trees..) and I was so lucky to see the deers living there! They were really far away, but I managed to get them on the photo - I mean, you can see it's deers. But next time I'll steal the telephoto lens of my dad.There are some pros and cons of this snowy weather. The trains don't really function the way they should but I can still manage to get to school on time everyday - and even I don't know how. I hope I don't get stuck at the train station next week.. I do hope the frost continues so we can skate on natural ice the next few weeks and I hope that we'll have an 'Elfstedentocht' (long trip on skates past eleven cities in Friesland) this year! Love, Tamara

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Mooooie foto's. Ik houd van winterlandschappen. :) Vooral de bovenste en onderste vind ik super. Liefs

  2. Wauw, de foto met de herten is echt prachtig! Ook de mist erachter en al het bruin en wit. Wauw wauw wauw!

  3. Mooie foto's! Vooral die laatste. Liefs, Kim

  4. Prachtige foto's!!
    liefs Gea,