7 feb. 2013


You know they say that when you're looking for something, you won't find it and when you're not really looking, you'll find it? It just happened to me.

I wanted to have a big, really big, pin-up board but I couldn't find it anywhere. They were always too small, too expensive or too ugly. I went to a big market for books last week and guess what I found? These pin-up boards! How unexpected! They're not very big, but I bought three of them because they were so cheap. At least they're a good replacement for when I find my perfect pin-up board, if it even exists.

I immediately filled them with my pile of junk which was lying in a small corner next to my desk. And if you're thinking: why did she put up the H&M Conscious Collection from two years ago? So before you even have the chance to ask,  I pinned them on because I loved the collection so much I still wish I got all the items. I'm still hoping the H&M (or another affordable brand) comes up with a look-a-like collection one day. Still hoping...

For now I'm just hoping I'll get better soon, because I think I got the flu. How do I know? I have pain in my leg's muscles from here to Tokyo while I haven't exercised in like six months and I'm so cold that I'm currently wearing two sweaters and I have three blankets wrapped around me.

Luckily it's already weekend for me. So have a nice weekend you all! :)

Love, Tamara

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Ziet er heel leuk uit! Haha dat probleem heb ik ook altijd, dat ik iets niet kan vinden als ik het nodig heb. ;p Liefs

  2. Ziet er erg leuk uit! Ik snap het helemaal met die collectie van de h&m, ik heb namelijk laatst een moodboard gemaakt en er ook veel opgeplakt van die collectie.
    Liefs, Iris

  3. Ziet er heel erg leuk uit! En dat behang is echt prachtig!