27 mrt. 2013


Perhaps to honor the name of the blog or maybe just for a little spring feeling these cold days (spring, where art thou?). Today I leave you with some street style pics of people wearing white/nude/cream colored outfits.

This weekend it's Easter, which means family time for me. I'm probably gonna have to search easter eggs with my little cousins. Fun, fun! I've already searched for easter eggs at school today, only because I could get a free sandwich from the canteen if I found one he-he. I wasn't so lucky traveling home, there was more wrong than right with the trains. Fires, technical failures... All in all it took me more than two hours to get home. I'm glad I can treat myself on five days off. What are your Easter plans? 

Hopefully I can treat myself on some new wardrobe pieces as well. By seeing these pics I'm starting to crave for lots of new items. I love the combinations and I especially love the colors. The inspiration also includes some Isabel Marant proposal for next fall - I think she's a great designer. I hope the outfits inspire you as well! Which ones do you like the most?


Sources: Style.com, Tumblr, Pinterest, Kayture, Karla's Closet, Streetfsn, Stockholm Street Style

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Leuke inspiratie foto's! Ik hou van all white looks voor deze lente en zomer :)


  2. geweldige inspiratie! veel plezier met pasen, ik ga volgens mij niet echt iets doen.

  3. inspiring pics! I really love ton sur ton looks!

  4. Love those colours! Your blog looks stunning!

  5. Wauw, mooie inspiratie! Je hebt trouwens echt een leuke blog! Ik volg je nu :) xx

  6. wow< loads of inspiration in that. Thanks for sharing. I like the chunky sweaters with the skirt or pants. Always looks good


  7. I love these inspirational outfits!!