4 apr. 2013

The story of the denim jacket

Some things are timeless, though new trends introduce themselves anytime. As a little kid I had a denim jacket in a dark color and I couldn't live without it. I wore it every moment of the day, every hour, every minute, every second. But as little kids grow, clothes are getting smaller and smaller. After a while, you have to throw them away. As I did with my all-time favorite denim jacket.

As I grew old, my need for another denim jacket got bigger. I was searching for one in a light color, since my wardrobe exists of mostly pastel colors. First I found one at H&M and I was waiting for it to be in my size so I could place an order. By surprise, when I was shopping for some daily groceries in the village, I saw the perfect denim jacket in the display window of the Vero Moda. I didn't hesitate for a moment, I tried on the jacket and before I knew I was cycling home with my new purchase. My new, beloved and timeless purchase. Because since I've already grew old regarding my size, it's story probably never have to end in the garbage.

Do you have timeless items in your wardrobe?

Love, Tamara

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik wil ook een spijkerjasje! Deze is echt supermooi!

  2. Mooi jasje! Ben benieuwd hoe je hem combineert.

  3. Wat een mooi jasje! Ik heb ook zo één, van de H&M, die lijkt er echt sprekend op.