13 apr. 2013

Sweater on shorts

Sorry for my absence lately. I thought of sharing with you a summer- or spring-like outfit, since the weather is finally starting to get better. 

Last week I had the flu - or the flu had me. Although I felt as sick as a dog, I continued with daily life. I had to study for two exams which were planned last tuesday and I still have to deal with lots of deadlines. Luckily I already passed one exam: Mandarin! And if you're thinking: oh so she can talk fluent Chinese now I am surely going to disappoint you, because no, I cannot. The only sentence I actually remember, exists of only two words: ni hao! (hello!) 

As you can see I've been working on my blog layout as well the past week. I wanted to have a drop-down menu just below the header for a very long time and I finally managed to make it. I changed the colors as well. How do you like the new style? 

I'm still not feeling that well, so hopefully the sun is going to shine bright tomorrow so I can finish some homework in the garden and catch some vitamins as well. 

Enjoy the outfit and have a nice weekend as well. Especially enjoy the weather!

Love, Tamara

Sweater - Zara | Shorts - Superstar | Necklace - Forever21 | Ring - H&M | Bracelet - Unknown

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Hele leuke outfit! :)

    Ik was ook al ziek, stomme griep :(

    Xx Alex

    1. Dankjewel! En jij ook al! Gelukkig wordt het weer (volgens de voorspellingen...) wat beter de komende week.

  2. Hele leuke outfit!

    En ik vind je layout prachtig!

  3. Leuke outfit, en héle gave ketting!

  4. Mooie outfit! En hele gave sieraden!